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Why We’re Here

From our Founder

For the longest time, this is what I thought people meant by “gun control.” No one ever gave any specifics about what they meant by that term, so it just seemed obvious they meant we should treat guns the same way we treat cars and drivers. No big deal. “So why are people so opposed to gun control?” I wondered.

Then I started telling people about this idea and they said maybe it’s TOO obvious and everyone was looking past it for more complicated solutions.

“You should tell people,” they said.

So here I am, telling people.

And I’m hoping you’ll  help get the word out about this ultimately sensible approach. PLEASE share by email, Twitter, Facebook, whatever means necessary. Let’s build some momentum for this!

As for me, I am just an average guy, living on an average street, in an average town. I am not affiliated with any politician or political group, or with any organization on either side of the gun issue. I simply want us Americans to stop killing each other!

However, I would be thrilled if any politicians or citizen’s groups adopted this concept and did something to oh, let’s say, draft legislation to make it happen and then see it through to passage and implementation.

That would be good. Anyone?